Chlorine that's easy to live with

  • AquaRite does it all--creates 100% pure trouble-free chlorine and controls it
  • Patented TurboCell maximizes purifying
  • Remote interface on select controllers               
  • Generates chlorine from plain salt
  • For all pools up to 40,000 gallons 
  • 5 year prorated limited warranty                  

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Aquarite makes it fun and healthy to own a pool--with new purification and convenience. That's because Aquarite generates it's own chlorine from ordinary table salt--to create 100% purification. You control it automatically through your existing filtration system, using a low level of salt and recycling it.


The process of recycling salt softens the water giving it a smoth, soft, silky feel you'll love to be in. For fitness and pure leisure, nothing is more convenient. Nothing is more nature friendly.

Set AquaRite once to suit your preferences, and it purifies day in, day out--according to the correct just-right balance you want. See it, try it. Like tens of thousands of satisfied pool owners, you'll agree--your pool never looked as good, and the water feels great! It's the reason why--in more of today's pools the clear solution to chlorination is AquaRite.

TurboCell monitors water flow, temperature, and salt level of the pool water.

** $ 999.97 ( 40,000 gallon model ) *** Installed  $ 1352.04

** free shipping in contiguous 48 states, $6.75 handling fee applies  *** includes salt, chemicals, taxes and labor- some installations could be more. Limited service area.