Pentair Filters

Pentair FNS+ filters are made from fiberglass reinforced polypropylene for years of non-corrosive, trouble free performance.

FNS+ filters have curved vertical grids for maximum filter surface area for greater dirt trapping capacity and longer periods between cleanings.

FNS+ D.E. filters remove particles from your pool so small they are measured in microns - particles the human eye can't see but noticeably affect water clarity. D.E. filters remove the tiniest of contaminants for water that's truly crystal clear.


FNS+36             $ 499.50*       Installed              $803.18 **

FNS+48             $ 589.50 *      Installed              $ 893.06 **

FNS+60             $ 621.50 *      Installed              $ 1001.31 **

PEN261152  Multiport valve      $139.00 * 

PEN261165 Push/Pull valve       $ 89.00 *

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Cartridge and Sand Filters also available. Call for prices.

FNS Plus

* free shipping to business address or freight terminal in contiguous 48 states, a handling fee of $6.75 applies. ** Price includes filter, push/pull backwash valve, plumbing supplies, labor and sales tax. Some installations could be more. Available in a limited service area.