SAM, the world's first automated color-changing pool light, produces brilliant underwater color lighting effects that transform any pool into a luminous nighttime wonder. Featuring two bright white halogen quartz bulbs mounted behind a revolving color wheel. SAM can bathe your pool in any one of several captivating colors. Or, it can slowly roll through its color spectrum, creating a continuously changing underwater light show. With SAM, your pool's beauty will shine brightly even when the sun goes down. You can even synchronize SAM with SAL and FIBERworks PG2000 to provide spectacular backyard color.

Standard features:

  • Exclusive spectrum color roll
  • Select a single color at the flip of a switch
  • A single switch controls color roll or single color
  • Fits most popular pool niches
  • Produces light comparable to a 300 watt bulb
  • 4,000 hour halogen bulb life
  • Same three wire installation as standard pool lights
  • Three year limited warranty.

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SAM Light 100' cord $479.00 *                    SAM Light 50' cord $461.00 *
                                   * free shipping in contiguous 48 states,  a handling charge of   $ 6.75 applies per order.