It almost seems to good to be true. Add a little salt (about 1/3 of what is in a tear drop) to pool or spa water, run that water past an electrolytic cell and, presto, you get pure chlorine and a sanitized pool or spa, no muss, no fuss. Here's a look at how chlorine generators magically deliver the goods for customers and their technicians.

The search for alternative methods of sanitizing pools has ranged far and wide. Ironically, it has carried many right back to chlorine. The distinction is the purity of the chlorine and how it is stored and delivered to the pool. The chlorine generator requires no storage of chlorine and is delivered as the pool circulates and best of all 100 % chlorine with no inert ingredients to stain your clothes and pool.

Chlorine generating systems are quickly becoming the sanitizing method of choice for owners of pools and spas worldwide. This is the same basic method used to generate chlorine in a factory - only on a much smaller scale. Indeed, this electrolytic method of producing chlorine has been used by chlor-alkali manufacturers since the turn of the century.  Clormatic systems simply take this technology, which has been around for more than 100 years, and scale it down to size so that it works in pools and spas.

The greatest thing about these systems is the quality of the water, odors are reduced or eliminated, the water is softened by the salt and the chlorine generated doesn't sting the eyes or dry the skin.


$ 1050.00 * Installed $1200.00 ** * free shipping in Continental USA ** includes salt, chemicals, and labor- some installations could be more.

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The Clormatic smart technology  system includes redundant backup systems to ensure continuous enjoyment  of the incredible new level of comfort in your pool.

Salt water is turned into 100% chlorine and broken back down to salt by the sun in a continuous cycle. Clormatic sanitizing system requires 3000 ppm salinity. 5000 ppm is the standard for fresh water. The salinity to operate this system is so low that a human tear drop has nearly 2 1/2 times more salt in it than the pool water will.

As one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of electrolytic generation systems in America you can be sure they will be there if needed. We offer a 5 year limited warranty for your peace of mind.