Polaris products are based on a love/hate relationship: the more you hate pool cleaning, the more you'll love this pool cleaner.

With four available cleaners they are sure to have a cleaner to fit your needs whether it be a suction cleaner, pressure cleaner or a pump assisted cleaner.

Polaris cleaners can be used on gunite, vinyl or  fiberglass pools and the extra large opening allows it to pick up large debris like leaves, acorns and pebbles.


Polaris 280 Cleaner 
280 w/ PB4 pump       Installed $1200.00

280 w/o PB4  pump                          Installed
Rebuild kit                                         Installed

Tuneup kit                                         Installed
PB4 pump only $225.00                  Installed  $300.00
Replacement tail   $22.50
Scrubbers   $3.00
Leaf  bag   $28.00
Sand/Silt bag    $28.00
Disposable Sand/Silt bag   $6.50
10' hose   $22.50
Floats   $5.00
Filter screen   $6.50

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Polaris 360 Cleaner  
360            Installed
Tuneup kit                     Installed
Leaf bag  $28.00
Lg. Sand/Silt bag   $25.00
Sand/Silt bag   $22.50
6' hose section   $17.50
Replacement tail   $22.50   
Ssrubbers   $3.00
Filter screen   $6.50

Polaris 380 Cleaner     
380 w/PB4                                                              Installed  
380 w/o PB4                                                           Installed
Rebuild kit                                                              Installed
Tuneup kit                                                              Installed
PB4 only                                                                 Installed
Leaf bag   $28.00
Lg. Sand/Silt bag   $25.00
Sand/Silt bag   $22.50
10' hose    $22.50
Floats   $5.00
Replacement tail   $22.50
Scrubber   $3.00
Filter screen   $6.50

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